Fran Lebowitz

The Mandatory Fran Lebowitz Guide to Keeping It Honest and (Totally) Not Killing Idiots in Public

A New Yorker with an opinion and an attitude spouting off about anything and everything. This schtick is nothing new, but it is the premise of a new Netflix docuseries, Pretend It’s a City, starring longtime NYC resident, writer, and perennial grouch Fran Lebowitz. The series, which Martin Scorsese directs, primarily consists of interviews with Lebowitz, anecdotes about her schmoozing with celebs, and her hot takes on life in general and New York (where she moved in 1970) in particular.

70-year-old Lebowitz is a Luddite. She has no cell phone or computer (but she does have 10,000 books). The cuffed jeans and cowboy boots-wearing lady seems to despise most people. Though she’s not exactly someone we’d socialize with, we can learn a thing or two from the humorist who says she’s in a “constant state of rage” – yet has managed not to kill anyone.

This is the Mandatory Fran Lebowitz guide to keeping it honest and (totally) not killing idiots in public.

Cover Photo: Netflix

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