Love on the Spectrum

Young Adults With Autism Get the Dating Show Treatment on Netflix

Dating shows aren’t known for their diversity. Heck, it took The Bachelor almost 20 years to cast its first protagonist of color. So we have to applaud Netflix for its new entry into the dating genre, Love on the Spectrum. The four-part docuseries follows young adults on the autism spectrum as they explore new relationships. A clinical psychologist and dating coach also chime in to offer their guidance and perspectives.

Even if you aren’t on the spectrum or haven’t dated someone who is, you’ll relate to the awkward yet charming encounters depicted on the series and the drive to find love in the arms of someone who accepts you exactly as you are.

“As a storyteller I felt we had an opportunity to explore this issue by shining a light on the struggles many people on the spectrum face in seeking out meaningful relationships,” director Cian O’Clery said in a statement published on Entertainment Weekly. “I hope this series will start conversations, help bring about understanding and acceptance, and ultimately inspire people with autism, their families, and society at large to find ways to help people on the spectrum find love.”

The series debuts on July 22 and promises to be a heartwarming addition to your watchlist.

Cover Photo: Netflix

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