America’s 7 Biggest Cougar Towns

If your career ambition is to become a kept man, a sex slave to an older and wiser woman or a general show pony – happy to be seen and not heard we’ve found the seven cities in America where you’re most likely to make those dreams come true. Welcome to the real Cougar Town(s), USA.

Austin, Texas

Expect some competition with other cowboys in Austin, as 22% of the men here are single, and an alarming majority of them are in their 20s (go Longhorns). But it is the most livable city in Texas, and with a growing population of divorced ladies in their 40s (think big hair and big alimony checks), it’s well-worth a stroll down 2nd Street to find a sugar momma.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has the highest number of older women contacting younger men online, according to Cougars run this town, making their dens in exclusive clubs like Express and Zinc. If you’re not into dancing, visit the Library Bar downtown, named one of LA’s best cougar haunts.

Nashville, Tennessee

This town has more plastic surgeons per capita than anywhere else in the Southan attractive metric for the cougaring kind. Downtown bars on Division Street make for great prowling grounds; just be prepared to look excited … for the both of you.

Orlando, Florida

Divorced women make up 15% of Orlando’s population, with many of them earning upper-class incomes. Orlando’s also known for being a multi-cultural Mecca, so no matter what look you’re into, its likely you’ll find it here.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Gen Y makes up 22% of Charlotte’s population; that stat, coupled with a high divorce rate, equals plenty of ladies-of-means on the market. Attractive young professionals are relocating to the area in record numbers for business opps, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ballantyne Village serves specialty drinks just for cougars.

San Diego, California

According to urban legend, Cougar Night Specials actually got their start at San Diego bars. So as one of the original pioneer towns for ladies looking for young men and good fun, your chances of landing one here’s particularly high.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is full of high-income power singles. And with women outnumbering men by 6%, odds are ever in your favor, trophy/tribute.