cougar older woman
Photo: Betsie Van der Meer (Getty Images)

Cougar Town: How to Successfully Date a Much Older Woman

Photo: Betsie Van der Meer (Getty Images)

The cougar isn’t a mythical creature who attacks younger men at bars. She’s a bold-ass older woman who knows what she wants and is old enough to go after it thanks to a spike in her sex drive from the ages of 27 to 45. Although you might think you had the time of your life banging that college co-ed during winter break, you probably haven’t even scratched the surface of “peak sex.” And how could you if you haven’t hooked up with or dated an older woman? (Which is totally possible if you know what to do and how to treat them.)

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Have you experienced the ripened fruit better known as the cougar? What are your tips for impressing them without coming across like a schmuck? Let us know in the comments!

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