Spicy Food Study

Eating Spicy Food Leads to More Heat in the Bedroom, Says Sexy Study

Photo: ilbusca (Getty Images)

Everyone loves a good romp in the sack, don’t they? It’s the best part of the day, apart from eating a dinner you’ve been craving since waking up. Good news: if that same dinner includes spicy food, you’re more likely to move on to post-dinner sex than someone who had a bland, boring meal.

According to a recent study, people who enjoy spicy food are having more sex than those who forego the extra sting in their meals. More than 2,000 people were polled by OnePoll on behalf of hot sauce brand El Yucateco, and they discovered a trend wherein people who like a bit of hot sauce are shagging nearly twice as much as everyone else. Someone pass the Sriracha, immediately.

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The results of the poll showed spicy folks were having sex 5.3 times per month. Those who tend to eat something less spicy — think a lame potato salad with raisins in it — were having sex only 3.2 times per month. The fire of your Tapatio says something about your heat in the sheets, it appears.

Sex wasn’t the only thing the poll discovered among the participants. The spicy end of the spectrum appeared to be made of people who were more adventurous, outgoing, sociable, and goal-oriented. So basically, the guy who goes cage-diving with great white sharks is more likely to enjoy hot sauce than the dude who says JAWS is too scary to watch because the shark looked too real.

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We enjoy a little hot sauce on our pizzas, burritos, tacos and basically anything we can eat. If you, Mandatory Nation, aren’t enjoying a little spice in your food, are you really enjoying life? Maybe the next time you’re in the drive-thru, ask the person at the window for two handfuls of red sauce so you can better prepare yourselves for getting lucky after dinner.


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