All the Benefits of Having Sex with Older Women

Photo: Tim Macpherson (Getty Images)

Do you know what a cougar is? By that, we don’t mean a ferocious wild animal that can cut you up with their deadly claws – we talk about those sexy older women that can scratch your back with their long, lustful fingernails during the orgasmic climaxes. Men all over the world fantasize about having sex with older women because of their confidence in bed, but that’s just one of the benefits. Take a trip with us through all the pleasures that Cougars can bring to your sex life and you might just try it out for yourself by the end of it. Let’s begin.


We’ve already mentioned confidence, but it deserves a few sentences more. According to both men and women, there’s almost nothing as sexy as self-confidence, both in bed and outside of it. The older women usually have a lot more confidence during sex and it makes all the difference. They know what they’re capable of and they’re not afraid to show it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they’re always the dominating ones. It simply means that they’re quite sexy and, more importantly, they’re aware of their sex appeal.


Obviously, just by labeling them as older women, you note that they have more experience, especially in sex. This means that they are more open to various sex positions and special requests. Chances are, they’ve already done whatever you had in mind and are, furthermore, good at it due to years of practice. You can consider it a crash course in sex that will save you some time on discovering things yourself.


While some things might not be new to her, they will certainly be new to you. Due to her sexual experience, you will be opening a whole new chapter of sex adventures that you haven’t even thought about. Besides that, since she’s already gone through the basics and some advanced lessons, she is more likely to encourage experimentations. Just imagine – the things that are new to her will probably be mind-blowing to you.


One of the greatest things about having sex with older women is that they are always ready to communicate, before, after and during sex. This means that if they don’t enjoy something, they will let you know and guide you on how you can make it better. If they truly like something, they will tell you to focus on that and do your best to satisfy her. Whatever the case, you can be sure she will be vocal about it, which will eventually make you an even better lover.


By the time women reach 40, they are fully aware of all the benefits of sex both in and out of a relationship. They know how important it is to have sex on a daily basis with the person you love to keep the relationship strong. Even if it’s just casual sex, they know it’s actually good for your health as it is pretty much like going to the gym. A somewhat more interesting gym, though.


One of the most important characteristics of sex with older women is that you are sure they are enjoying it as much as you do. When you have sex with a girl your age, chances are that you will appear to be the hornier one, always asking (begging) for it. For older women, it’s quite different. They love sex as much as you do and will happily oblige you, most of the time. When they are younger, women probably care more about what people will say and, therefore, don’t want to seem too eager. The Cougars have no such problems.

Have you tried sex with older women? How was it?