Jon Stewart Wanders Out of New Jersey Woods Onto New AppleTV+ Show ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’

The story of a bearded man coming down the mountain bearing new gospel for humankind dates back thousands of years. But what about the story of a man emerging from the woods bearing new jokes for streaming-kind? It’s a tale as old as AppleTV+, and for Jon Stewart fans, a moment filled with unknowns.

For instance, will Stewart’s coming-out-of-retirement be full-bearded a la David Letterman or clean-shaven like Michael Jordan? Will he arrive suited up or take a more casual approach with the t-shirt and jeans he’s grown famous for sporting in recent years? Perhaps the biggest question, the one his legacy hangs on is, will Jon Stewart’s reemergence into the limelight carry the same weight it once did?

The man who built The Daily Show into an American institution is also responsible for helping launch the careers of all the major voices in TV news satire today. His bench runs deep: Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Hasan Minhaj, Wyatt Cenac, Samantha Bee, Jordan Klepper, Larry Wilmore. The list goes on.

No one can underestimate the impact Stewart has had on entertainment news. But after stepping out of public life during one of the craziest times in American history, how receptive will the public be to his return? Especially when his alumni are currently crushing it where he left off.

We for one, are happy to witness the return of one of America’s greatest voices in political discourse. While it may seem that after five years away the field has become overgrown with pundits, here are seven things that set The Problem with Jon Stewart apart from the (friendly) competition.

Cover Photo: Jason LaVeris (Getty Images)

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