Ranked! The Best Streaming Services of COVID Quarantine

With Earth’s entire population looking to pass the time in quarantine, demand for escapism has never been higher. A lack of live sports earlier this year has only contributed to cord-cutting. The number of streaming services available increases almost daily; since 2019, Disney+, Apple TV+, and Peacock have gone to war with veterans like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. Each service fighting for the best readily-available (waiting for new episodes is a practice best left to the 2010s) TV and movies at an alluring price—cost perhaps being the biggest factor. 

The upper echelons of society may have procured every subscription but some of us have to pick and choose. And we did. According to a survey by The Trade Desk, over 59 percent of viewers aren’t willing to pay $20/month. This is why Netflix, with its massive library, remains the market leader. However, as numbers of subscribers soar, there are plenty of other services giving Netflix a run for its money. Here are our power rankings of The Best Streaming Services of Covid Quarantine. 

Cover Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

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