Which is Worse, Slow Netflix or No Internet? EU Warns Streaming Might Break Us

As emergencies stack on top one another, the biggest may be yet to come: the Internet breaking.

While all the bad news about sports and event cancellations, movie delays and theater closings, along with countless other establishments going belly-up amidst the spread of the coronavirus, “at least we have the internet” feels like our fallback. But the European Union (EU) has had to call on Netflix’s CEO to request that the streaming service strip down to standard streaming to avoid breaking the Internet. Without social media and the Internet, people would unable to get news about closures, next steps to take or be able to band together to stay positive and would be properly locked down at home without a lifeline. Might be time to resurrect print from the dead and deliver some newspapers!

So which would you prefer, a sinking ship without a lifeboat or slower, low-quality resolution? Based on what’s happening in Florida, we’re guessing everyone is going to ride this cruise ship straight into the mud, war paint and all.

Photo: urbazon (Getty)

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