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The Best Way to Binge: All at Once vs. the Weekly Episode Dose

In 2012, Netflix forever changed the way people watch television when they released the entire season of Lilyhammer in one fell swoop. Suddenly, what used to take months to consume, now only took hours. And while nobody binge-watched Lilyhammer (sorry guys), the following year House of Cards followed suit and the maneuver became a Netflix trademark.

Appointment viewing was no longer necessary. Planning your life around your favorite TV shows no longer mattered. In fact, life plans went out the window altogether as friends and lovers could no longer be reached. The cultural phenomenon of camping in front of your TV for days on end like an addict with an endless supply became so popular, “binge-watch” won Collin’s new word of the year in 2015. For seven long years, Netflix reigned. But now, for the first time since the start of streaming, everything’s changing.

With all the major players muscling in on Netflix’s street corner, the power struggle has begun. Look at the awards season as a benchmark. Streaming services that didn’t even exist a few years ago are now swooping up awards left and right. From Ted Lasso to The Mandalorian, the new kids in town are making waves. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess.

Will new releases return to the mold of network television or will the Netflix model continue to rule for another seven years? Today we take the ultimate litmus test as we go head-to-head with the best way to binge: All at once vs the weekly dose. See who takes home the crown below.

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Streaming networks have put an emphasis back on original content in the past few years and the change is paying off. As streamers battle for control of market share, we the audience are the real winners as the quality of originals has continued to rise. But in this heated battle, there can only be one victor, and Netflix remains the heavyweight champion of streaming. For now.

Overall Winner: Binge Drop

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