Meanwhile in Florida: Family Returns Home to Find Man Binging TV on Their Couch, Proving Just How Overpriced Netflix Really Is

Photo: Westend61 (Getty Images)

If you’re lucky, you’ve never had your home broken into. You’ve never felt the dread, anger, and helplessness of having someone else in your home without you knowing, going through your things, and taking items you worked hard for or were given as gifts by loved ones. Your only experience with burglars is on TV or in movies. In these scenes, the burglar is sometimes caught red-handed carrying an oversized television out the door or something similar. They’re never caught sitting on the sofa, flicking through Netflix. A writer would never put that in a script because nobody would believe it. It’s too ridiculous.

But this actually happened in real life and like all strange crimes, it took place in America’s dank, stinky basement: Florida.

A Florida man was arrested and charged with burglary last week. It wasn’t an elaborate police operation and a days-long sting operation that brought him down. The owners came home and found 34-year-old Jay Knight lounging on their couch watching TV.

It would already be the strangest case of breaking and entering even if it wasn’t for the fact that Knight has already walked around the house, putting items into a bag he planned to leave with.

But, after kicking in the door and burglarizing the home, he decided that he had enough time to watch a few tv shows before the homeowners arrived. Who knows if he noticed they had Netflix and wanted to finally finish Ozark or he just got engrossed in a documentary on the Civil War? We do know the homeowners strolled in and found him sitting there at around 7 p.m.

We’d love to see an interview with the perpetrator explaining what he was thinking. Who would break into a house, steal a bunch of stuff, and then get cozy on the couch to watch a movie or two? Only in Florida.

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