San Francisco Homeowners Can Now Get a Verified Blue Check Badge on Their Houses (Or Can They?)

Getting a verified blue check badge is a rite of passage for social media users. It means that you have enough followers on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to be considered an influencer. Now, you can take that notoriety off the internet and into real life with Blue Check Homes, a company that wants to put verified blue check badges on the abodes of the rich, famous, and viral.

It sounds ridiculous, but stick with us. To get one of the coveted badges plastered on your domicile, you have to fill out an application, go through a review and interview with the board, and, if approved, pay a fee of $2,999.99 to have the crest installed. The company is currently only considering homes in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, but plans to expand this summer.

Photo: Blue Check Homes

Who qualifies for this advertisement of self-importance? A lot of people, actually, but probably not you, poor layman. Here’s a list of the worthy homeowners, according to the website:

– Prominent executives, thought leaders, influencers, authors, and journalists who represent prominent organizations, including companies, brands, non-profit organizations, and media organizations.

– Government officials.

– Athletes or those on professional esports leagues, and coaches listed on the official team website or who have 3 or more featured references within the 6 months prior to applying in news outlets such as Kotaku, Polygon, or IGN.

– Owners of entertainment companies, such as film studios, TV networks, and music entities as well as homeowners with public facing roles associated with their productions.

– Actors with at least 5 production credits on their IMDB profile.

And here’s the kicker: it’s all bullshit. Scroll further down the “company’s” website, and you’ll see a statement from its creator.

“I’m an artist who makes random internet jokes that sometimes pokes fun of ‘let’s turn this into a service’ culture, internet vanity culture, and terrible capitalist ideas,” the anonymous sculptor wrote. “Yes, I ALSO THINK THE IDEA OF VERIFIED BLUE HOUSE BADGES IS DUMB. I also love to fabricate funny shitposts on a Friday night, but my medium is writing satirical copy for landing pages and creating product launches.”

Too bad it’s a joke, because we bet there are some narcissist social media users with money to burn out there who would totally go for this. And if we knew where they lived, the easier it’d be to teepee their houses.

Cover Photo: Blue Check Homes

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