Search Continues For San Francisco Puppy Stolen During Assault (Here’s How You Can Help)

Social media has a bad reputation. We assume people only use it for vain, self-promoting purposes. But that isn’t always the case. Social media can be used for good, too. Here’s your opportunity to help.

On Jan. 5 at 5:45 p.m. in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, Instagrammer Sarah Vorhaus (@sarahvorhaus) was assaulted by three men at gunpoint. The attackers stole her French bulldog puppy, Chloe. Vorhaus took pictures of her battered face at the hospital and posted them along with a pic of her adorable pooch.

“Last night, I was robbed at gunpoint a block from my home and they stole my new puppy, Chloe,” she wrote. “The police have been notified but we need help spreading the word in the Bay Area. Please help us spread the word so we can get our girl back safely.”


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A post shared by Sarah Vorhaus (@sarahvorhaus)

That was over three weeks ago and Chloe has still not been found. Vorhaus is now offering an $8K reward, no questions asked, for the return of her four-legged friend.


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A post shared by Sarah Vorhaus (@sarahvorhaus)

Chloe is six months old, weighs around 13 pounds, and has grayish-blue eyes with a gray coat. She has a unique, identifying white mark in the center of her chest. She is friendly and loves food. She was last seen at Hyde Street and Vallejo Street in San Francisco.

If you have any information about the canine’s whereabouts, you can reach out to her owner by phone (919-360-7332) or via email (findchloeSF@gmail.com). You can also assist in the search by downloading a flyer from findmydogchloe.com, sharing on social media using the hashtag #findchloe, and spreading the word about the missing fur baby among friends.

We’ll keep an eye on this story. We hope it has a happy ending!

Cover Photo: @sarahvorhaus (Instagram)

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