Kim Kardashian West’s Kid Crashes Social Media Videos, Calls Her Out for Ignoring Family (Bless Her Heart)

One of the greatest gifts of children is the way they call their parents out on their hypocrisy. Kids have well-attuned bullshit meters and lack filters, a dangerous combination for parents trying to present a pristine image of family life. The latest example of this is North West, the firstborn of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. The 6-year-old girl has begun crashing her mom’s social media videos to drop truth bombs from the background.

Last week, pajama-clad North dropped in on an Instagram makeup tutorial Kardashian was trying to film from her guest bathroom, where the 39-year-old mom of four was hiding “because my kids will not leave me alone.” Off-camera, North was heard exclaiming, “Hey! That’s mean!”

This week, in a PSA for Office of the Governor of California about social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, North announced herself by name as soon as her mom got her own introduction out of the way. As Kardashian spoke about how badly everyone wants to head outdoors during quarantine, North whispered, “I want out.” She then proceeded to jump on the bed and peek over her mom’s shoulder with a giggle. When Kardashian urged Californians to do mental health checks on their friends and loved ones, North interjected, “You should be more busy with your kids, not your friends!” To which Kardashian responded, “Facts.”

We gotta hand it to this little girl; she’s giving her parents a run for their money, which is precisely what that pair of narcissists need right now. Let’s hope North is giving her dad as much hell about his recent Kobe Bryant comments as she is her mom about her social media obsession.

Cover Photo: @GavinNewson (Twitter)

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