Sheriff Capitalizes on Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ Popularity to Reopen Cold Case

Wild animals. Murder plots. Polygamy. Oh my! Netflix’s Tiger King docuseries has something salacious for everyone, which is why it’s the hottest thing streaming right now. The seven-episode true crime show follows Joseph Maldonado-Passage (aka Joe Exotic), an eccentric zoo owner who plotted to have his nemesis, animal activist Carole Baskin, killed. (Maldonado-Passage was arrested for murder-for-hire and is currently in jail.)

A subplot of the insanely popular series is the 1997 disappearance Baskin’s husband, Jack Donald “Don” Lewis. It’s a cold case, but if one Florida lawman has his way, it won’t be for long. Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister has taken to social media to ask for the public’s help in solving the mystery.

Baskin, who ran the wildlife sanctuary Big Cat Rescue in Tampa with her multi-millionaire hubby, reported him missing in August of 1997. He seemingly vanished without a trace, though his van was located at Pasco County airport with the keys inside. While Maldonado-Passage suggested that Lewis was murdered and fed to Baskin’s beloved beasts, Baskin has vehemently denied any involvement in the case. Talk about a catfight!

If this case does miraculously get solved, we can only imagine the weird and wonderful docuseries sequel (is that even a thing?) that Netflix would come up with next.

Cover Photo: Netflix

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