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Teen Bribed by Mom to Stay Off Social Media Immediately Signed Up to #HumbleBrag on Instagram When He Turned 18

Teens and social media. It’s a toxic mix. But instead of letting her son succumb to the negativity of the internet, one mom made him the envy of it – by offering to pay him to stay off social media.

Lorna Klefsass bribed her then 12-year-old son Sivert to stay off sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok with $1,800, to be paid in full on his 18th birthday. It’s called the “18 for 18 challenge,” and it’s something Lorna heard of from another mom.

To her surprise, the poor tween accepted the deal – probably because he didn’t realize how little $1,800 was. He actually fantasized about buying a car with the cash. (Ha! You’re lucky if you’ll be able to afford four tires with that booty, buddy.) Ah, but even when he realized the value (or lack thereof) of a buck, Sievert kept his promise (or at least, he says he did). He stayed off social media and in the loop through friends.

“On the whole, I would say totally worth it,” he told KARE. “I mean, I would do it again.”

Spoiler alert: no sooner did he turn 18 and cash that check, he signed up for Instagram. (Of course he did.) Where else is he supposed to #humblebrag about his influx of funds if not social media? Now the real teen rebellion begins…

Cover Photo: KARE



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