What The Hell Is ‘Bridgerton’ (And Why People Are Obsessed With Netflix’s British Dramas)?

Everyone everywhere is talking about Bridgerton. You’ve probably been the victim of a text that reads “Have you watched Bridgerton?” Or noticed your friends and loved ones acting “posh” and peculiar—men and women terrified at the thought of being unchaperoned (or asked if they touch themselves). If you’re like us, those unfamiliar with Julia Quinn’s novels set in the (horny) world of Regency London, then watching Bridgerton is an…interesting experience. At first you’ll wonder why this so-called “drama” feels hilarious. After four episodes, you’ll find yourself properly pronouncing “viscount”: VYE – COUNT (thanks Netflix). 

Audiences typically didn’t pay much attention to BBC-related tele in the olden days. We roamed the ill-bred channels we were accustomed to, unaware that we would be gifted shows like The Crown and Peaky Blinders. By the time you’ve finished watching Bridgerton, one thing becomes abundantly clear: we’re obsessed with Netflix’s British Dramas. Maybe this newest escape can offer an answer as to why. 

Cover Photo: Netflix

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