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This TikToker Is Using Erection Cream to Plump Up His Lips (What Could Go Wrong?)

TikTok is the latest social media platform where stupid people do dumb things for popularity’s sake. Currently trending is an amateur TikToker-cum-cosmetologist’s regimen of using erection cream to plump up his lips.

“So recently I saw a movie and this girl put erection cream on her lips and it made them really big so I wanted to try it,” TikTok user Jerry Maldonado said in his first video about the topic, which now has over 3.5 million views.

He smeared the thick cream on and let it sit for three minutes – as long as he could tolerate it before the burning sensation overwhelmed him. The pain was apparently worth it, though, because as he admired his improved pucker, he said, “Oh, my gosh. I kinda like it — I’m not gonna lie.”

@jerrybmaldonadoIf you know what movie I’m talking about please tell me because I want to watch it again ##beauty ##lips♬ original sound – Jerry Mal

It’s sort of surprising this didn’t start trending sooner – after all, erection creams work by facilitating blood flow, so theoretically, any body part could get a boost from this beauty hack.

There’s just one problem: it’s probably dangerous. Because anything you put on your lips could potentially be ingested, you could unintentionally poison yourself.

Dr. Ross Perry, medical director of the UK’s Cosmedics, told Metro that using erection cream on parts other than the penis is “utterly ridiculous and can be extremely dangerous.” He rattled off the potential side effects, including soreness, swelling, blisters, blood pressure fluctuations, and even heart problems.

Those risks haven’t stopped Maldonado, apparently. He’s since posted another video in which he’s seen slathering on the cream before completing his other primping routines. At the end of the vid, he applies lip gloss with a self-satisfied smack.

@jerrybmaldonadoJust getting ready hehe♬ original sound – Skye

It’s all fun and games until those lips start to blister, Jerry. Then no one will want to get near you, not even if you use your erection cream as intended.

Cover Photo: TikTok

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