Meanwhile on TikTok: Iowa Farmer Takes His Baby Calf Gucci to DQ For a Drive-Thru Treat, Holy Cow It’s Adorable

Apparently, even farmers in Iowa love Gucci, the cow that is. But what do you expect when you meet a cow as chilled out and cute as Gucci during a year of social distancing? When the dating scene gets tough, the tough get a baby cow to hit the DQ drive-thru.

Mason Corkery struck up an unlikely friendship with the 7-month-old calf the day he was born on Hook Stock Farms in Grundy Center. Then, when Gucci’s twin sister Boujee died after just a few weeks, the pair became inseparable.

“The day I met him I knew I was going to keep this calf,” Corkery said.

The farm’s owner, Brady Cook agreed. He knew a friendship had formed when he watched Gucci trailing behind Corkery every morning as they prepared the milk for the other calves. The bond was undeniable and Cook agreed to spare Gucci the fate of the meathooks.

As the months wore on, Corkery began taking Gucci out for a spin in his GMC Sierra. The twosome would attend birthday parties together around town and eventually decided to hit up a DQ for some ice cream.

“I went to visit him and for whatever reason, that’s what I did. I just thought it would be a fun stunt to pull off. I don’t know why I do a lot of things I do,” Corkery said jokingly.

After posting the video to TikTok, the story of Gucci’s DQ adventure went viral overnight racking up 5 million views in just a few days. While Corkery never expected the response he’s received, he’s using the moment to spotlight an issue close to his heart.

Family farms.

“I feel like it is very important for young people to stay working in agriculture. Hopefully, I can give the youth of agriculture a voice because it’s all becoming factory farms. Small farms are kind of disappearing,” Corkery said.

Well, if anyone could make us feel like jumping into a pair of overalls and hitting the family farm, it’s these two guys. And not just because we’re all about local, organic food practices. We also want bae to look at us the way Gucci looks at Corkery.

Cover Photo: TikTok

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