‘Sexy Hunter’ Model on OnlyFans Poses With Dead Exotic Animals, Claims Her Kills Are a Form of ‘Conservation’

If you can fantasize about it, there’s probably an OnlyFans account dedicated to it. Take, for example, the “sexy hunter,” otherwise known as Michaela Fialova, who makes $4K a week posting sultry pics with exotic animals that she’s killed.

Though the Czech Republic native began hunting at age 13, she only started monetizing her hobby this year on the glorified porn site. She had already been posting provocative photos on her social media channels and was using the “sexy hunter” moniker, so OnlyFans was a natural next step.

Photo: @michaelkashuntingwild (Instagram)

But not everyone applauds what Fialova does. What makes her controversial isn’t her risqué pics, though – it’s her take on hunting, which she considers a form of conservation.

Say what? Yeah, we don’t get it, either.

“You don’t want overpopulation – especially in the wild – as it can lead to a struggle for water and food if there’s too many of the same species, which is why I do what I do,” she told The Daily Mail.

Animal rights activists beg to differ, and have lobbied for her Facebook to be taken down. No surprise they were unsuccessful. And, no Fialova didn’t see the harm in killing animals like lions, zebras, and giraffes for clicks (or cash).

Photo: @michaelkashuntingwild (Instagram)

“I know my pictures of trophy hunts such as zebras, lions, giraffes and other animals can be upsetting, but I do this for practice and to give these old animals a new lease of life such as for food for humans,” she told The Daily Mail. “My message to anyone who doesn’t like my hunting or OnlyFans, is that you can hate me if you wish, but I’m doing all I can to protect our wildlife so that we can have a healthy population of species for years to come.”

She tries to justify her OnlyFans income by claiming it allows her to donate money to organizations that supply vests for rangers and provide veterinary care for animals. (The ones she’s not shooting, we presume.)

“This is why I started off my journey in the first place – to help and protect the animals,” she said.

If you say so, Fialova. Or rather, don’t. We liked you better before you started spouting your mouth off. Maybe if you wrestled the animals instead of shot them, it’d be a fair fight. Now that’s an OnlyFans account we’d pay to follow.

Photos: @michaelkashuntingwild (Instagram)

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