Special Ed Teacher Turned OnlyFans Sex Star Looks Like She Could Teach Us a Thing or Two

In the financial wasteland that has been coronavirus quarantine, a lot of us have had to take drastic measures to stay afloat. For some, that’s meant getting a new gig, be it as a rideshare driver or a grocery delivery person, or some other entry-level position. But for one special education teacher, OnlyFans has not only replenished her piggy bank, but it’s also got her living high on the hog.

Her name is Courtney Tillia. The 33-year-old with a Master’s degree in special education formerly worked at an alternative school outside of Phoenix for six years. She was barely scraping by. “I suddenly found myself in a really dark place,” she told the New York Post. “I was beginning to hate my job and that darkness began spilling over into other areas of my life.”

So she quit, and pursued bodybuilding and fitness modeling instead. Then a session with a boudoir photographer ignited a passion in her for posing nude or in lingerie. Now she nets six figures on OnlyFans making men hot for teacher.

“I make four times the annual income I would make as a teacher,” she said. “I’ve been making even more money during the pandemic because people are just stuck home wanting to enjoy my content.”

The wife and mother of four says OnlyFans has given her “financial freedom.” She now lives in Los Angeles and has a life coaching brand that helps empower other women all over the world. “I’m helping those clients break through the shame and guilt that’s been imposed upon them for wanting to be free to express their sexiness,” she said.

Tillia is unashamed of her new career as a sex worker. “I feel better than I ever have in my life,” she said. “I’ve changed my life financially. I’m changing the lives of other women. I’m happy just doing me.”

We’re happy you’re just doing you, too…and when you’re done doing you, could you do us, too?

Cover Photo: New York Post

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