Study Finds Top Dealbreaker for Relationships Is Something Your Credit Card Can Help With If You Miss Being Single (And You’re Ready to Post-Pandemic Mingle)

When it comes to weaseling out of long-term love with businesslike precision, what’s the fastest way to end a relationship? The answer is easier than you might think and has probably been standing right in front of you this entire time: Debt.

According to the latest numbers, more than one-third of swinging singles would hit the eject button on their new Romeo if they had distasteful amounts of debt, a 12 percent jump from just last year. Guess that’s what happens when a global pandemic comes to town and overstays its welcome.

But what gives? We all carry some amount of debt, whether from student loans, credit cards, or the bookies we haven’t paid off yet for betting against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. So how much debt is too much? It all depends on the type of debt and the age bracket of the lonely and desperate person willing to accept your romantic advances.

Across the board, student loan debt is the most acceptable, with Millennials overlooking $12,000, GenX drawing the line at $15,000, and Boomers forgiving a whopping $30,000. Coincidentally, the average college graduate today is saddled with $30,000 worth of debt, so prepare to see a lot more 23-year-olds stepping out with grandpa.

Another insight into the economics of love found that men are more forgiving of debt than women, willing to shrug off a $40,000 tab. (Who said chivalry was dead?) While men and women don’t always see eye to eye, one thing everyone agreed on: Credit card debt is the ultimate dealbreaker.

So if you’re looking to throw off the shackles of a doting significant other, fire up that plastic and start spending. In as little as three selfish splurges, you could be skipping your way to singledom.

Cover Photo: pixelfit (Getty Images)

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