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Mandatory Reads: 10 Books That Will Make You Infectiously Happy Every Time You Pick Them Up

We could all use a jolt of sunshine right now, and we don’t mean the Vitamin D-containing kind. After a year-plus of quarantine, our moods have tanked and we’ll take any pick-me-up we can get. That said, we’ve all consumed more than our fair share of booze and carbs in an effort to feel better, but how about reading books instead? At least reading won’t leave you with a brutal hangover or an unseemly gut.

We’ve hand-picked 10 books guaranteed to get your dopamine pumping. They aren’t necessarily all books about how to be happier (in fact, several feature deeply unhappy protagonists), but the overall effect of reading these narratives is you’ll feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to engage with life again. Dig out your library card and hit up the stacks or order them through Amazon. Just get reading already. A more uplifting outlook is just a few pages away…

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