Meanwhile in Maryland: Arsonist Watches DIY Housefire With Roommate Inside From Comfort of Lawnchair, Likely a Dishwasher Disagreement That Went Up in Flames (Video)

And you thought people in Florida were nuts. A mere week after the Disaster Girl NFT sold for half a million dollars, Gail J. Metwally paid homage to the famous meme by lighting her house on fire and cheerfully watching from the comfort of a lawn chair. The only real difference between Metwally’s recreation and the original is her house happened to have someone trapped inside.

Witnesses were stunned as they watched the 47-year-old calmly ignite a trashcan and throw the smoldering heap into her own living room. As flames began licking the floor, Metwally plopped into a folding chair on the front lawn and flipped through a book, glancing up now and then to see how the fire was progressing. Before long, her little trashcan fire had engulfed the entire house.

Incredibly, a neighbor across the street caught the entire incident on video. His stunned reaction sums up the events perfectly. “Dude, she’s about to burn the f*%king house down! I cannot actually believe it. And she’s sitting there, just chilling, watching the house go up in flames.”

Moments later, the neighbor narrowly avoids becoming a hero as he runs over to grab a closeup of the frightened woman trapped inside who is awkwardly forced to save herself by squeezing out through the basement window.

Watch the amazing incident unfold below:

Eventually, the firestarter got bored and wandered off down the street, where authorities caught up with her. Metwally is now being held at Cecil County Detention Center and faces charges of attempted first-degree murder and arson.

Whatever was going through her head at the time of the escapade is still a complete mystery. We’ve all lived with crazy roommates in the past. But usually, when we get into a dispute over how to properly load the dishwasher we settle our differences with a close-quarters knife fight. Like a normal person.

Cover Photo: Maryland State Fire Marshall’s Office

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