15 Funniest Twitter Unloads After Insane NRA Mother’s Day Meme Goes Viral For Being Just Awful

After 150 years of maintaining a squeaky clean image that absolutely no one alive or dead could find fault with, the NRA finally blew it. And on Mother’s Day of all days.

For whatever reason, the social media guy (let’s call him Dick) at everyone’s least favorite rifle association thought it would be a great idea to post a mother-daughter gun meme in honor of motherhood. This after a year in which America has seen more mass shootings per day than any other year on record, including ten over Mother’s Day weekend alone. Talk about reading a room.

Maybe it was out of desperation from filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January that made him do it. Or maybe it’s the rapidly dwindling subscription numbers to Dick’s gun club that inspired a headfirst dive into the meme game. After all, with under 5 million members, the NRA is less popular than Chuck E. Cheese. Either way, the gambit worked because Dick’s meme went viral in all the wrong ways. Take a look why:

Of course, Twitter wasn’t going to hold its tongue on this one. With the NRA barely 2 percent as popular as the public library, word lovers everywhere took up pens (and memes) to fight back against the unscrupulous affront.

Check out the funniest tweets below. (And by funniest, we mean the most aggravated, frustrated, bewildered responses from human-loving humans using humor to cope with an insane institution and a societal epidemic that shows no signs of slowing down.) OK, now let’s have some laughs.


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