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Life Hack of the Week: A Mandatory Video for Giving Life to Old Strawberries

Each morning, we make our boring breakfasts of oatmeal with fresh fruit. However, this week was busy so we skipped breakfast, leaving our fruit to die a slow death in the fridge. That left us with soft, but not moldy, strawberries. Soft strawberries are totally fine to eat, but if you’re a texture person, it kind of ruins the experience. We didn’t want to toss them because food is more expensive than ever, but we also hated them. Luckily, I found a solution thanks to TikToker @thenovicehomesteader who created this week’s life hack for reviving sad strawberries

If you’re like us and you only like fresh strawberries, but also hate wasting food, this week’s life hack is for you. Keep reading to discover this super easy TikTok hack for reviving soft, mushy strawberries until they look plump and juicy.

Image: @thenovicehomesteader (TikTok)

What You’ll Need 

  • Sad looking strawberries
  • A bowl
  • Ice
  • Water

This is one of the easier hacks we’ve come across so there’s not a lot of explanation. Pick out your sort of sad-looking strawberries, maybe it’s all of them, perhaps it’s just a few. Set them aside. Fill the bowl with ice and water. Next, submerge the strawberries into the ice bath and leave them there for at least 20 minutes. When you return you’ll notice the strawberries have regained their shape and color.

@thenovicehomesteader Ok, I was a total skeptic, but I tried the strawberry hack and it really works!!! #lifehacks #foodhacks #learnontiktok #foodbloggers #freshfood ♬ Yummy – IFA

You should really look at your strawberries and congratulate yourself on reviving them like you’re a mad scientist. And finally, eat them. That is unless you have some sort of weird plan for your strawberries. If that’s the case, don’t tell anyone. Just enjoy your weird thing.