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Young man homeowner sitting in garden yard backyard raking dry autumn foliage oak leaves placing with rake in sunny fall

Life Hack of the Week: A Mandatory Video for Quickly and Easily Cleaning Up Leaves

Who wants to spend their entire Saturday raking up leaves to then struggle with putting them in the trash? Of course, there’s the shovel method or the lesser used dustpan method, but both of those take time and effort. And the only thing we want to do less than waste time is waste our precious energy disposing of organic waste. Luckily, with this week’s life hack your days of dealing with leaf-related nonsense will be behind you. That’s thanks to TikToker @mlupitarodriguez, you’ll spend less time on autumnal yardwork than ever before because a perfect life hack should free up your time for more important things like getting high and playing video games.

Image: krblokhin (Getty Images)

What You’ll Need 

  • Pile of leaves
  • Outdoor garbage bag
  • Broom or rake

Unfortunately, you’re still going to have to rake up your leaves. Insert bummed noise here. Once you’re done raking, you’re going to need an outdoor garbage bag. These bags are sturdier and in case you’ve raked up any bigger debris, it won’t tear your bag, leaving you to start from scratch. Next, you’re going to bend over and place the mouth of the bag at your feet and between your legs.

@mlupitarodriguez♬ original sound – M Lupita Rodriguez

Then, you’re going to fold the bag over your feet and spread your legs. The mouth of the trashbag will open and you can sweep the leaves right in. Congratulations, you’re an outdoor king who now deserves to crack open a beer, hit your bong, and actually get to enjoy your weekend.