The Endless Binge: 13 TV Shows That Would’ve Been Perfect to Have Never Completely Finished

We’re all suckers for some good ol’ escapism (especially now). These days, the granddaddy of all distractions is the television show. Traditionally, lifelong watchers have always had a show or shows they tune in for every week, waiting for that special time when a new episode airs. Television shows have become a cornerstone of our lives (for better or worse). There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of watching that favorite show or the sadness of seeing an era end. Streaming introduced binge-watching and amped all of this up to 11. Now, we can binge an entire season of a Netflix show and walk away feeling empty inside a single day.

Whether it be over days, weeks, months, or years, there are plenty of TV shows that would’ve been perfect to have never finished. This has nothing to do with characters, story arcs, or quality, simply a desire to live inside them forever without knowing the ending. Lots of people watch TV this way, so shows never have to end in their minds, a lack of finality that negates all emptiness. Here are 13 TV shows that seemed ripe and ready for an endless binge…and then ended.

Cover Photo: HBO

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