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Mandatory Staff Picks: Top 10 TV Shows For Binging Their First Season (That You Can Successfully Stop After)

We’re expected to commit to a lot of things in life: partners, homes, jobs, diets, and TV shows. Why TV shows? Good question. Television doesn’t always deserve that kind of dedication, especially not now. With so many streaming options, there’s no room for disappointment or diminishing returns.

Shows that accomplish what they set out to in one season and end are great, while others go on and on, never living up to where they began. Some sickos stick with these types of shows like bad relationships. When it’s all over, they walk around like they bore witness to something monumental; at worst they’ll say it was a learning experience. Fortunately, you won’t have to suffer through mediocre TV. You know that it’s OK to binge only part of a series. You can walk away from the following shows’ fantastic premiere seasons knowing you got more than the gist.

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