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Mandatory TV: 10 Must-See Shows Streaming This August

Photo: HBO

Summer is a strange time for television. When we were young, long before the streaming wars, summer was a time for reruns. It was the time of year when we didn’t really watch much TV because we were spending all of our time outside, enjoying the warm, sunny days. While we still do our best to dip our toes in a lake, visit a nearby beach, or enjoy a weekend of camping during the summer months, we’re also pretty happy that at the end of a long, sun-blistered day we can relax on the couch and stream new shows.

This is because the days of the summer rerun are long gone. And now, between HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV +, Netflix, Amazon, and even Peacock, there are seemingly countless new shows launching every month. That’s why today we want to highlight the must-see shoes streaming this August. Obviously, you should try to get outside a little bit. But we won’t fault you if you draw the shades, crank up the AC, and binge every one of these can’t-miss shows.