Mandatory Streaming Battles: Who Does It Better For Us, ‘Sex Education’ v. ‘Masters of Sex’

When it comes to healthy streaming, it’s important to have a medically proven dose of sex. That’s right, in between all your baking binges, Marvel marathons, and Korean couch vacations, watching people go at it like beavers in heat is the only way to stay sane. Thankfully, we have your double does of hanky panky right here.

Sex Education is the story of a sex therapist and her teenage son who starts a secret sex clinic at his high school with the bad girl of his dreams. Masters of Sex is the highly fictionalized version of real-life sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson who teamed up in 1957 to watch volunteers bone in a laboratory. While both shows orbit the topic of sex and relationships, illuminating things about our deepest desires and primal urges, only one can withstand the rigorous demands of a Mandatory streaming battle.

Today we go the full 12 rounds to find out who does it better: Sex Education or Masters of Sex? If this doesn’t bring you instant gratification, nothing will. (Warning: Engorgement lasting more than 12 hours should switch to Frasier right away.)

The scores are in and after some masterful bobbing and weaving with lots of in and out, Sex Education takes the belt despite losing the final round. While Masters of Sex is a show worth watching, it often feels like a sex-addled rendition of Mad Men.

Sex Education on the other hand is wholly original, timely, and fresh. It’s John Hughes on steroids (and viagra), balancing the rich inner life of teens with the zany, surreal experience of trying to grow up in a world that doesn’t have it that much more figured out than you. And thanks to its dynamic bedroom romps and constant championing of inclusivity (both age and preference-wise), it manages to blow everything else in the sex department away.

Next season, prepare to climax.

Winner: ‘Sex Education’

Cover Photo: Netflix and Showtime

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