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Watch Drew Barrymore Recreate Orgasmic ‘When Harry Met Sally Scene’ (We’ll Have What She’s Having)

If you haven’t seen the iconic romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, drop everything and go do that now. Otherwise, the rest of this article won’t make any sense. We’ll wait…OK did you watch it? Awesome, right? Hilarious, poignant, timeless cinema at its best. Well, like everything else these days, it’s coming back, albeit not in the form you might think. Drew Barrymore is resurrecting the comedy, and putting her own funny spin on it.

If we tell you she’s recreating just one scene, you know which one it is, right? The orgasm-over-lunch scene at Katz’s Delicatessen when Sally (Ryan) proves that Harry (Crystal) can’t tell when a woman is faking it in bed, despite his fervent claims that every lady he’s had sex with has left satisfied. The kicker is that Sally’s pseudo-orgasm is so enthusiastic, it attracts the attention of fellow diners, including an elderly woman who tells her server, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Barrymore donned Sally’s signature hair and conservative sweater for the jaw-dropping scene recreation in a trailer for The Drew Barrymore Show.

The trailer also features other scenes from classic New York films like Sex and the City 2, Sleepless in Seattle, and Working Girl.

We’ll admit: Barrymore is adorable, but her comedic chops are definitely not on par with Meg Ryan (whatever happened to her anyway?). We’ll have what she’s having, but we’ll stick to the original, thanks.

Cover Photo: The Drew Barrymore Show



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