stranger things

10 Best Shows to Stream After You Finish ‘Stranger Things’

Photo: Netflix

We know, it’s a real bummer when you finish a new season of your favorite show. This is especially true if the show is an epic, ’80s-themed, nostalgia-filled triumph like Stranger Things. You enjoyed the massively long, movie-length episodes and now you have nothing left to do but actually go outside and enjoy the warm, sunny summer weather, right? Wrong! Myriad other great shows are waiting to be binged that should scratch that Stranger Things itch at least a little bit.

Some are new and some are slightly older. Some are Netflix shows and some are on other streaming services. Some are American shows and others require you to speak French or German or be OK with subtitles or dubbing. All are great, dark, sometimes spooky shows that are sure to help you get over your Stranger Things withdrawal. Keep scrolling to see them all.


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