Apple TV+ vs Disney+

Mandatory Streaming Battles: Apple TV+ vs. Disney+

With so many streaming services literally at your fingertips, it can take longer to figure out where to get your next entertainment fix than it does to actually binge-watch a season of a new, trending show. The latest combatants in the streaming wars are Apple TV+ and Disney+, which both launched this month. If your cash and time are limited, you definitely don’t need to double up on these streaming services. Only one is really worthy of your eyeballs. So which one is it? We’ll break it down in this Mandatory Streaming Battle!

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While Apple TV+ is definitely the bargain streaming service here, the low cost is pretty much its only advantage over Disney+. While the shows that debuted on Apple TV+ at launch have star power that Disney+ doesn’t (yet), it’d only take you a weekend to exhaust the options on Apple TV+. Disney+ has far more options for both TV and movie viewers, and while it’s aimed toward families with young children, Gen Zers and millennials will find plenty of entertaining ways to pass time on the streaming service, whether it’s indulging favorite films from childhood or reliving the best movies Marvel has to offer. In this Mandatory Streaming Battle, there’s really no contest: Disney+ is better equipped to keep you entertained. In the end, you get what you pay for, and Disney+ is a better investment of your entertainment dollars.

Overall Winner: Disney+

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