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10 TV Shows Your Girlfriend Wishes You’d Binge With Her (But It’s Going to Cost Her)

If you’re lucky enough to have a girlfriend, you’ll probably unlucky enough to have her beg and plead for you to watch one of “her” TV shows on the regular. While your initial reaction might be “hell, no,” you might actually be missing out on some binge-worthy television. From comedy to drama to thrillers, just because a series is marketed at women doesn’t mean it’s frothy, overwrought entertainment. In fact, once you start watching her favorites, you might not be able to stop. (And when you do, perhaps she’ll express her gratitude for your viewing companionship by giving you a happy ending.) These are the 10 TV shows your girlfriends wishes you’d watch with her, so make a girl’s day, why don’t you?

Cover Photo: filadendron (Getty Images)

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