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Comfort TV: 12 Shows You Repeatedly Binge on Even Though You Know Them by Heart

Some people binge on sweet, greasy, or fattening foods when they’re down; we prefer to binge on our favorite TV shows. But not just any show will do. We rely on a certain kind of series to get us out of our heads, alter our moods, and immerse us in a whole other world. Be it comedy or drama, good entertainment has a way of making us forget our worries, our problems, and our failures. We find kinship in onscreen characters; they seem like they could be our friends or family members, if only we could meet IRL. And even though we know all the plot points and have memorized some of the dialogue, these shows feel fresh every time we watch them. The next time you get bummed out, cue up one of these titles and get your comfort TV viewing on.

Cover Photo: FX

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