Jesse Pinkman

The Jesse Pinkman Guide For the Appropriate Time to Call Another Man a Bitch

Breaking Bad was one of the best television shows ever made. The story of a high school chemistry teacher turned meth cook has resonated with nearly everyone, because everyone hates authority. At the core of every rebel is a dream or a goal and Walter White‘s goal was to go out on top. He wanted to make enough money before he died to set his family up while simultaneously giving a middle finger to everyone who ever doubted him.

Jesse Pinkman‘s dream was similar; the fun-loving wangster just wanted to be taken seriously. He did this by calling anyone and everything a bitch. He did so with pride and conviction whenever the world, or in most cases, a man, told him no. This aspect of his character made the show all the more entertaining. As El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie approaches, so does another Pinkman utterance of “bitch.” As we anticipate the return of Aaron Paul’s character and his catchphrase, here’s a usage guide for the appropriate time to call another man a bitch.

Cover Photo: American Movie Classics (AMC)

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