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‘Breaking Bad’ Takes Another Turn With Jesse Plemons’ Creepy ‘Snow Globe’ Short For Todd

AMC is fleshing out its favorite psychopath (second only to Killing Eve’s Villanelle), Jesse Plemons’ Todd Alquist, with an El Camino short entitled Snow Globe. The release of this short on AMC’s official YouTube account coincided with Sunday’s television premiere of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Moviewhich no one watched because everyone and their Blue Sky dealers caught it on Netflix last year. However, the Todd-centric short offered Breaking Bad fans something fresh: a deeper look at Todd’s obsession with Laura Fraser’s Lydia (whose voice is also featured in the short). 

Snow Globe elaborates on the “perfectly normal” creation from El Camino we saw in Todd’s apartmentThe work of art depicts Lydia sitting on a teacup as Todd admires from afar. It’s pretty fucking absurd (and not in an artistic movement kind of way). There are no surprises in Snow Globe; Todd is seen making said globe whilst leaving Lydia a voicemail (divulging a bit too much information). 

Todd just can’t seem to convince his methylamine supplier of “Sharing the Night Together,” a song which El Camino has officially ruined (or immortalized, depending upon your worldview). She’s just not that into him. Snow Globe‘s length and tone are very reminiscent of the Breaking Bad minisodes that AMC released way back in 2009, 2010, and 2011 before the show’s second, third, and fourth seasons. In honor of yet another welcome addition to the Breaking Bad universe, let’s take a look back at some hilarious minisodes for those who either missed or forgot them. 

Cover Photo: AMC

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