El Camino Jesse Pinkman

10 Much Better Endings We’d Like to See for Jesse Pinkman in ‘El Camino’

To designate Netflix‘s film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie as bad would do a disservice to the craftsmanship behind the show. However, the film definitely felt like it lacked a certain suspense that the show had, which may be because they didn’t deviate far from the options Jesse had in the last season of the show. More likely, it’s because Jesse doesn’t have the depth necessary to carry the film all on his own. Regardless of the reason, there’s more that could have been done to highlight the unique characteristics that made up the bitch himself, Jesse Pinkman. So we’ve decided to go through Jesse’s options and provide you with 10 alternate endings that you’d definitely have preferred. Check them out.

Photo: Netflix

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How did you feel about the ending of ‘El Camino’? Did it give you the closure you were looking for when it came to Jesse Pinkman? Let us know if you were underwhelmed in the comments!

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