10 Classic ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Moments to FX You up Before the New Season

What’s the harm in a little depraved fun amongst friends? To be honest, that’s the sort of question that only the gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia can answer. The ensemble cast is truly one of the most off-putting on television, yet we can’t resist watching what these narcissistic pals are up to. From getting an abortion to ruining the magic of pageants, the gang manages to highlight the glaring hypocrisy of the common American. And they do it while making all of us laugh at our own societal stupidity. There’s truly a ton of epic moments to prime us for the premiere of season 14. Keep reading for our 10 favorite It’s Always Sunny moments.

Photo: Michael Buckner (Getty Images)

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Which of your favorite “It’s Always Sunny” moments did we miss? Let us know what should have been on the list in the comments!

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