The Evolution of Gay Mac in ‘It’s Always Sunny’

No character on television better represents the intention of their show better than Ronald McDonald (aka gay Mac) of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The show has humorously tackled many social and political issues over the years, and its irreverent tone and chaotic nature have garnered a massive fan base.

Like all great comedies, It’s Always Sunny has a handful of long-running jokes, such as Dennis being a sociopathic sexual predator, Charlie’s obsession with a waitress, Dee’s bird-like appearance, and of course, Mac’s repressed homosexuality, which has made It’s Always Sunny to be the type of show that aims for more than just laughs. From his karate-infused overcompensation to his bodybuilder obsession to his “appreciation” for masculinity, Mac’s journey from closeted Christian to openly gay male has been a memorable one. These are the highlights of that journey.

Cover Photo: Patrick McElhenney/FXX

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