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Rob McElhenney and Wife Kaitlin Olson Save Runaway Pitbull on Freeway, Torn Between Two Perfect Names For This Badass Pup

As if you didn’t have reason enough to envy Rob McElhenney (his insane physical transformation, a solid marriage with his hilarious and loving wife Kaitlin Olson, and the longest-running scripted comedy show in the history of television with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), you can add “genuinely nice guy” and “dog rescuer” to his resume.

According to his Instagram story, McElhenney and Olson recently saved what appears to be a pit bull from certain death. “This handsome motherf*cker was running down the freeway all by himself,” the actor explains in a video. “And because @kaitlinolson is a superhero, she somehow stopped traffic (ON A FREEWAY) and got him in the car.”

McElhenney went on to report that the dog was very tired from running. They took him to the vet, where the pup got all bandaged up. While there, the mutt was declared so beautiful that he was dubbed “Brad Pitt,” as McElhenney proved with a prescription bottle with that name printed on it. But McElhenney wasn’t completely convinced on the moniker.

“But his legs are so small…and his head is so big…” McElhenney continued. “We’re considering…Frank Reynolds.”

There is such a thing as too perfect, and Brad Pitt is kind of it. This pooch looks a little scrappy, so the namesake of Frank Reynolds — the eccentric, unpredictable father figure of It’s Always Sunny played by Danny DeVito — fits him better in our opinion. What do you think? Drop us a line in the comments and check out McElhenney’s full Instagram story in screenshots below.

Cover Photo: @robmcelhenney (Instagram)

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Screenshots: @robmcelhenney (Instagram)

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