12 Terrifying Wild Animal Attack GIFs That Make Us Think We’ll Just Stick to Dogs

Photo: Blaine Franger (Getty Images)

Wild animals get their “wild” moniker because they are just that: wild. Many of us enjoy the company and companionship that a dog, cat, parrot, or even a gerbil gives us. But these pets are either domesticated or kept in a cage to avoid them clawing out our eyes or attacking our faces while we sleep. But animals in the wild are unpredictable. When they’re caught, you can also add anger into the mix.

This is why it should come as no surprise that a zookeeper in California almost got his face bitten off by a pissed-off python. Jay Brewer, the zookeeper in question, posted a video of the near-miss to his Instagram account. In the video, he’s seen standing on the far side of a table that a giant python was laying on.

As he begins to discuss the snake, it suddenly pounces and attempts to snag his face in its huge jaws. He takes one step back and narrowly avoids a horrible and potentially deadly experience.

He reacts a lot better than most of us would as he exclaims that he was “evading the attack in the nick of time.” After the initial shock, he follows that quip with “Wow! As soon as my eyes shifted off of her. See how smart this snake is? The second I shifted my eyes off, she knew that I wasn’t ready to jump.”

This near-miss makes us wonder what’s the worst animal to be attacked by. Snake, bear, shark, bear riding a shark, what? Check out these GIFs below of 12 of the most terrifying animal attacks and remember how lucky you are to live in a house or apartment far away from these scary beasts.

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