Meanwhile in California: Python Takes a Bite Out of Zookeeper’s Face in Viral Instagram Video (Watch at Your Own Risk)

One bitten, twice shy. At least, we hope that’s what a certain California zookeeper is feeling after having his face punctured by the teeth of a python snake.

The reptilian attack happened when Jay Brewer, founder of The Reptile Zoo, attempted to take a huge yellow python’s eggs in order to transfer them to an incubator. Suffice to say, he failed. First, he reached for the egg clutch with a metal instrument, but the eggs were stuck together, so he decided to grab them with his bare hand. That’s when the snake snapped and nipped his face.

“She GOT me,” he captioned the now-viral video he posted on Instagram.” I take a risk so I can get the babies in the incubator where it’s safe… in this case I had to take one for the team.”


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“She’s like ‘hey I finally laid some eggs and you’re going to take them from me?’” he explains in the video. “Yes because we want them to hatch because they won’t hatch otherwise.”

Well, that plan sure worked out well. Brewer was literally bleeding by the end of the video. He’s lucky the snake didn’t close its jaws around something more delicate than a cheek.

Did this zookeeper learn his lesson? Doubtful. Given that his Instagram is full of images and video of his “prehistoric pet” misadventures, this probably isn’t the last occupational injury he’ll suffer – or the last time he’ll annoy the fuck out of an innocent animal.

Cover Photo: @jayprehistoricpets (Instagram)



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