Meanwhile in Australia: Diamond Python Snake Surprises Grocery Shopper in Spice Aisle (Video)

What a way to spice up a trip to the grocery store! Shopper Helaina Alati recently came across a Diamond Python snake while perusing the aisles of a supermarket in Sydney.

In a now-viral video, the 3-meter-long serpent can be seen sticking its neck out from the spice rack at a local Woolworth’s.

“He just decided to poke his head out and say hello,” Alati told SunriseOn7. “I had a little giggle to myself because I couldn’t really believe it was happening.”

She alerted the staff to the reptile’s presence. Luckily for Alati, it was not venomous. And fortunately for the snake, Alati is a trained snake handler (what are the chances?!). The stowaway creature was captured and set free in the wild.

We don’t enjoy grocery shopping all that much (in fact, we prefer to have our food delivered), but the possibility of a weird and wild encounter like this just might make us more likely to hit up the store ourselves.

Cover Photo: YouTube



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