Runaway Ronald: Statue of McDonald’s Mascot Clown Stolen, And Yes They Actually Want it Back

Photo: volkankurt (Getty Images)

If you ever visited a McDonald’s in the ’80s and ’90s, you likely ran into a slightly terrifying, extremely lifelike statue of Ronald McDonald either standing or sitting on a bench inside or outside of the restaurant. It was the perfect place to get an awkward photo with the titular clown well before Instagram was even a thing. In the years since the clown’s presence at restaurants has dwindled. But you can still find the bright red-haired maniac at a random restaurant here and there. Where you won’t find him is at one Michigan-area McDonald’s because someone stole him.

The circus-like theft occurred in Woodhaven, Michigan. One day the aforementioned clown was creepily lounging on a bench outside the restaurant and the next day he wasn’t. Woodhaven police say that it happened last Friday or early Saturday morning. The bench itself was damaged when the clown-nappers found a way to pry the mascot off of its seated position.

Instead of simply chalking it up to the universe telling them that the time was right to rid themselves of the eye-blindly ginger eyesore, the owners offered up a reward for its return.

Currently, there’s no information about who took the clown. But the reward is currently a stout $1,500 for the mascot’s swift return. We can only assume the case will be cracked when someone starts posting photos of the clown on social media. Who can resist a photo opportunity with Ronald McDonald?

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