RANKED! 11 TV Halloween Parties We’d Kill To Attend (But Probably Can’t Because of COVID-19)

2020 probably isn’t the year of make-up, fancy dress, bobbing for apples, and questionable decisions—COVID-19 has pretty much put a kibosh to dark and sweaty ragers. That’s okay, some of us enjoy Halloween episodes of TV shows more than going out or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters anyway (that’s right fellow citizens, our lights are off every year for a reason). No muss, no fuss, just vicarious living courtesy of a remote and television’s best (and most hilarious) Halloween parties. In case you haven’t realized by now, the best shindigs usually occur on sitcoms. That said, here are 11 TV Halloween parties we’d kill to attend but can’t, so we’re just going to lock the doors, turn the lights down low (…that might be Josh Turner lyric), and imagine we’re there.

Cover Photo: National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

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