Smiling young man sitting and using his phone at the Halloween party.

The Mandatory Funniest 2020 Halloween Tweets So Far

Is Halloween even happening this year? It’s hard to tell. On the one hand, if your definition of Halloween is stuffing yourself with fun-sized candy bars and binge-watching scary movies, it totally is. On the other hand, if you usually celebrate Oct. 31 at a big costume party with lots of booze and buddies, the scariest night of the year (not counting election night) is definitely postponed until 2021.

One way to take the temperature of the masses is by checking out Twitter to see what people are tweeting about when it comes to Halloween. We did just that and found a whole lotta hilarity. Whether it’s jokes about costumes, gawking at garish decorations, or imagining what the holiday will look like this year, Twitter users have at least maintained a sense of humor in the midst of a spooky season like no other.

Cover Photo: SrdjanPav (Getty Images)

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