Mandatory Must-Watch: 11 Best TV Binges of the Decade

Unlike most of our friends over the past 10 years, TV never flaked on us. In fact, it only got better with age, bringing us more entertainment than we could ever watch in a lifetime. (Thank you, TV.) And though we’ve enjoyed the endless scrolling that streaming services offer, today we pay tribute to the programs that made scrolling obsolete; the programs that demanded our attention so undividedly that we forgot to shower, sleep, and call our parents on their birthdays; the shows that gripped us every step of the way until the final fade-out, when we could finally put down the remote and go back to our lives for a little while until the next great binge. In honor of these incredibly captivating and consistently great productions, we give you the 11 absolutely must-watch TV binges of the decade.

Photo: NBCUniversal

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