New Year’s Beer: Skip the Champagne and Drink These IPAs Instead

Photo: svetikd (Getty Images)

New Year’s Eve is a time for self-reflection, making resolutions (that you’ll likely give up on in a week or two), and looking back at the previous year while looking forward to everything the new year has in store for you. All in all, New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the beginning of another year. Whether or not you enjoyed 2018 shouldn’t change the fact that there’s a hope that 2019 will be full of new adventures, career opportunities, and (for the single folks) a new love, perhaps? And no celebration is complete without champagne.

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But, what if you’re more partial to beer than bubbly, French wine? Lucky for you, one of the most popular trends in the craft brewing world in the last few years is the perfect replacement for that $90 bottle of Moet.

These are the best brut IPA choices for New Year’s Eve.

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